Welcome to New Line Smile

New Line Smile is a specialized dental marketing and practice consulting company.  With over 13 years of experience in the industry, we have maintained an outstanding reputation for results and excellence. We have been responsible for bringing hundreds of thousands of new patients to our dental offices over the years, while at the same time giving the consumer unmatched value for their business and loyalty. Our dentists can spend more time focusing on quality dental care, rather then worrying about how to generate new patients each month. Our professional sales teams are dedicated to creating and maintaining a solid stream of new patients to each of our participating offices.

New Line Smile offers the following services:  


  • B2B Local Advertising - New Line Smile has professionally trained sales teams around the country that utilizes a proprietary target marketing system to acquire new patients. This service allows the participating dentist to acquire new patients with NO UP FRONT ADVERTISING COST!
  • Database Marketing  Solutions - New Line Smile uses proprietary software that allows seamless cross marketing interaction between the large data base companies, hospitals, and small businesses nationwide. This interaction enables New Line to generate and acquire new patients from outside companies and their employee/customer base. Again with NO UP FRONT ADVERTISING COST to the dentist!
  • Internal Practice Management and Consulting - It’s important for your patients to not only have the benefit of your skills, but to understand their individual and specific need for them. We’ll show you techniques to bring patients into the process, allowing them to be comfortable enough to trust and accept your recommendations.
  • Outsource Appointment Setting - New Line Smile offers an option for professional appointment setters to do all of your appointment scheduling for your office. Why hire and manage employees to make all of your calls, when you can have a professional appointment setter assigned to your office for a third of the cost.
  • Discount Dental Plan - New Line Smile has developed a Discount Dental Card through Aetna Access to provide negotiated rates for members at participating dental offices nationwide. Our discount program is marketed in most states and requires NO INVESTMENT from our participating dentists. 
  • Wholesale Dental Supplies - New Line Smile has several channels to offer the absolute lowest prices on wholesale supplies. Because New Line has multiple revenue streams and a huge client base, we can buy supplies in larger quantities, lowering the cost, and offer them to our clients at distributor cost. Ask for details.